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Heat shrinkable Films

With heat-shrinkable films, CREATE your “waterproof, airproof, dustproof” environment.
Can be used for asbestos removal, nuclear industry, scaffolding, shipyards, temporary roofing, environmental protection, transport packaging, storage, winter storage.

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Heat shrink wrap used for asbestos removal

Building containment for asbestos removal – With heat shrink wraps


LEC achieved a large-scale containment using the heat shrink wrap made by Alphatex. A building in Lyon needed to be fully contained, in order to do asbestos abatement. For this work, the heat shrink wrap …

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Heat shrink wraps to winterize a boat

The BEST heat shrink wraps to winterize a boat

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You are looking for the perfect solution to protect your boat from the bad weather and dirt during winter ? Heat shrink wrap is the most reliable product to winterize a boat. Alphatex offers a …

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The best fire retardant shrink wrap

The best flame retardant shrink wrap for professionals


Alphatex is specialised in producing and supplying fire retardant shrink wraps for construction professionals. These films are not flammable, so you can ensure a total containment of a working site while limiting the spread of …

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Heat shrink wraps for scaffolding

Heat shrink wraps for scaffolding and construction works


Leader on French and European heat shrink wrap markets, Alphatex supplies scaffolders with resistant and reliable materials. Our film creates a “waterproof, airproof and dustproof” working area. The excellence of our heat shrink film, with …

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Heat shrink wraps application

Applications of the heat shrink wraps made by Alphatex


The heat shrink wrap made by Alphatex is the best solution for several applications. Thanks to it, you will be able to create a « waterproof, airproof and dustproof » working area. With these high quality products …

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