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Scaffolding nets

Alphatex’s historical activity, our scaffolding nets equip a large part of the construction sites in Europe. Manufactured by our factories and constantly updated, we guarantee you high efficiency for ever more professional products.

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OneTex, scaffolding net with the best quality-price ratio

OneTex, the scaffolding net with the best quality-price ratio


You are looking for a debris netting for scaffoldings with a great quality-price ratio ? The OneTex has all the requirements for short-term scaffolding works. It can be used for cleaning and painting. Thanks to …

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Fire retardant scaffolding net

Fire retardant scaffold debris netting for professionals

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Alphatex is specialised in fire retardant nets manufacturing. Many models have been given an additive that makes them fire retardant. Indeed, it doesn’t catch fire anymore, only holes form in the net when fire comes …

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