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Every farmer in arboriculture is confronted one day or another with various pests. Alphatex is there to support you and to offer you effective protection solutions.

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How to choose your insect net

How to choose your insect net ? For professionals


Anti-insect nets was created to protect crops from the damage caused by pests, such as beetles, flies or drosophila. For the distributors that want to supply their customers with the best products, you can find …

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Alphatex sera présent au Fruit Attraction 2021

Alphatex will be at the 2021 Fruit Attraction, in Madrid


Alphatex will be at the annual Fruit Attraction trade fair that will be held in the Spanish capital, Madrid. Fruit Attraction is an international event, one of the world’s references in the fruit and vegetable …

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Insect net against drosophila

Which insects are stopped by the Drosotis 8/6 ? For DROSOPHILA

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Alphatex offers a lot of solutions to protect crops against pests. In this article, you will find a summary of insects which are stopped by the insect nettings Drosotis 8/6. You can find the list …

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Insect net to protect mango trees against fruit flies

Towards a solution to protect endangered mangoes productions in Réunion ?

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ALPHATEX, in collaboration with the company HORTIBEL, is currently working to find a solution in the fight against the fruit fly on mango trees, which is currently taking place in Reunion Island. Alphatex is specialized …

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