BIOTEX 500 “Stop flea beetles from rape”

Back in a few words on the advantages and the technical description of our Biotex 500. It is an insect netting for field which prevent insect from damaging your crops and, therefore, protect your production.

Technical data about our Biotex 500 insect net :

  • Knitted net 50g/m².
  • HDPE mono filament
  • Shading : 12.5%.
  • Wind breeze effect : 50%.
  • UV stabilization 320KLY (3 to 4 seasons)
  • Water permeability (spraying) : flat 94% – on hoops 80%.

Everything to know about the Biotex 500 insect netting

Which insects are stopped ?

A wide range of insects are stopped and can not go through meshes of this net :

  • Lepidoptera (noctuids, moths)
  • Diptera (crop flies)
  • Orthoptera (locusts, grasshoppers)
  • A large part of beetles including flea beetles from rapeseed
  • Meligèthes
  • Cabbage weevils
  • A part of hemiptera including leafhoppers and bugs.
Flea beetles from rapeseed

Which insects are slowed down ?

By the lateral tension of the net linked to the growth of the plants, the progress of certain insects is slowed down, among others Phyllotreta flea beetles and whiteflies.


Which insects can go through the net ?

A large part of the homopterans (aphids), the Thysanopterans including the Californian thrips.$

BIOTEX 500 insects netting advantages

  • Rot-proof and water-repellent net (no waterlogging, low risk of crushing crops)
  • Very high mechanical strength, excellent tear resistance
  • Also protects game and bird cultures.
  • Good ventilation to limit the occurrence of fungal diseases
  • Creates favourable climatic conditions for the crop by limiting threshing, drying…

How to use it ?

BIOTEX 500 is carried out immediately after semi or transplanting, directly in contact with the crop, on Nantes hoops or recall stakes (to keep a space above the crop).
Make sure that the net is ballasted or buried enough on the periphery so that insects do not penetrate.

Potato aphid

Targeted crops

Carrot, turnip, leek, garlic, onion, radish, black radish, cabbage and other vegetable, horticultural or nursery crops sensitive to the insects mentioned above.


Test carried ou by ASTREDHOR, Technical Institute for Horticulture

Test carried out by ASTREDHOR, Technical Institute of Horticulture