Applications of heat shrink wraps made by Alphatex

The heat shrink wrap made by Alphatex is the best solution for several applications. Thanks to it, you will be able to create a « waterproof, airproof and dustproof » working area. With these high quality products offered by Alphatex, you will be able to work safetly, for example, in asbestos removal works, on scaffoldings, to build a temporary roof cover or to wrap large items for transport and wintering.

Since 15 years, Alphatex has supplied its patners with heat shrink wrap. Moreover, we are able to share with you our knowledge, in order to answer to all your needs and questions. For more information, you can contact us by :

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The Alphatex advantage
We put at your disposal heat shrink wraps with large widths (up to 14 meters) in order to make the installation easier in certains cases.

Heat shrink wrap for scaffolding

By using our heat shrink wraps, you will be able to confine your construction site thanks to its perfect sealing.

It allows you to carry out hydro-rubbing, sandblasting, and painting works. Therefore, there is no risk of products dumping on the street, pedestrians and cars below. Moreover, our heat shrinking foil will prevent your company from getting late because of the bad weather.

Heat shrink wrap for scaffoldings.

For the use of heat shrink plastic on scaffolding, we recommand the use of the Alphaplast 220 ; 250 or 320

For asbestos removal and depollution works

For asbestos removal works, our heat shrink film is essential to create a waterproof, airproof and dustproof area. Protecting your working site, especially in public buildings, allows you to work alongside usual business.

Further applications are appearing for outdoor asbestos removal works, such as civil engineering structures (like bridges). It prevents any risk of pollution.

Due to new standards and regulations, it is essential to use products that meet various criteria :

  • Fire rating, all our M1 films possess a valid certificate.
  • Safety data sheet for our films, adhesive tapes and accessories, listing the main components, usage and storage advice.
  • Our heat shrink films meet the requirements for the use in nuclear power plants.
Heat shrink wrap for asbestos removal works.

For asbestos removal works, we recommand the use of 220 or 250 µ classified M1 heat shrink films.

Boats wintering

Heat shrinking wrap is the best solution for boats’ wintering. Tarpaulin could be used but it is less efficient than our film. Boats are difficult to cover and, as you can see on the picture on the right, the heat shrink film fits perfectly to the boat.

It will prevent any potential degradations, and you won’t find any dust and water due to the rain inside. The boat is going to remain clean until you remove the plastic around.

Heat shrink wrap for boats wintering.

For boats’ wintering, we recommand the use of 180 or 220 µ film with large width, for an easier installation.


Once again, shrink wrap film proves its effectiveness to protect your goods, keeping your deliveries safe from theft, bad weather and dirt. You could use it to transport vehicles, boats, pallets, machine-tool or furniture for example.

Heat shrink wrap for transports.

For boats’ wintering, we recommand the use of 180 or 220 µ film with large width, to have an easy installation.


Thanks to our wide range of M4 (fire rating) wrap film with different thicknesses, you can wrap modules and large items. For that, we can provide you with a 14 meters wide film.

Ideal for an industrial company to store large items.

Packaging with heat shrink film.

For this application, we recommand the use of 180 or 220 µ film with large width.

Accessories for heat shrink wrap

Alphatex can also provide accessories to work with heat shrink wrap. Here is a list of useful items.

By choosing Alphatex’s heat shrink film, you don’t only chose a high quality product, you also benefit from our expertise and our support. Thanks to our 15 years of experience in this sector, we can help you in every steps, from the choice of the heat shrink film to the use of the Ripack pistol.

Moreover, the wide range of accessories offered by Alphatex will help you to solve every problems you could meet on your working site. As said in the beggining, you can contact us to receive any help. We’ll gladly answer to every questions you have.